Real Christmas Tree Care Guide – Tips & Advice

Christmas trees are a tradition in many homes. Each Christmas season, holiday trees play a significant role in homes across Ireland, but keeping them fresh can be a challenge. 

The best way to extend the life of your Christmas tree is to keep it watered, keep it out of the sun, and keep its needles from falling everywhere. 

With a bit of care and a few simple strategies, you can keep your tree green and fragrant from Thanksgiving evening through New Year’s once your decorations come down. Check out these tips to keep your Christmas tree fresh and green.

Tips & Advice To Keep Christmas Trees Fresh For Longer:

There’s nothing like the smell of a freshly cut Christmas tree, creating memories that will last for years! Before you end up tossing that beautiful tree into a landfill or recycling bin, take a few tips from the pros at Cork Christmas Tree growers and learn how to keep your tree fresh longer.

1. Choose The Freshly-Cut & High-Quality Tree:

The real secret to keeping Christmas trees fresh throughout the holiday is buying the tree directly from a Christmas tree farm as they are fresh cut. In the old days, people cut down a tree from the forest and decorated it. These days, many people go to the Christmas tree farms and select the perfect tree.

According to the sales figures from the Irish Christmas Tree Growers, this year, the sale of real trees is expected to reach 650,000 after their campaign “Love a Real Tree.” 

When a tree is cut, it loses its moisture quickly. The faster it dries out, the sooner it sheds needles. Therefore, if possible, try to buy Christmas trees directly from farms instead of buying from stores. 

In the case of buying from stores, ask the retailer if it has been cut recently or not. The greener the tree, the fresher it will be. Look for one that’s dark green and glossy, with firm, needle-like leaves. A tree that looks big and lush but has atrophied leaves or yellowish needles will probably be a sorry sight. The fresher the tree, the fewer needles it should drop.

2. Store The Tree in Shaded Spots:

After you buy your tree, it is not recommended that you leave it in your car or outside. Christmas trees should be stored in a cool place to retain freshness and moisture. If you don’t do this, the needles may dry out and fall off when you bring the tree indoors.

After you bring home your Christmas tree, store it in a shaded place. That way, it won’t dry out. A garage or shed is preferable to a room because garages are dry, and trees need dry areas. 

Furthermore, keeping your tree in a garage will acclimate it to warmer indoor temperatures, so it will be used to it and retain needles when you bring it inside. 

3. Store It In Water Container:

Next, pamper your Christmas tree for a few days by placing it in a bucket of water until you are ready to stand it up in the water-holding stand. 

To keep needles from falling off, make one fresh cut across the base when you are ready to put it in its stand. To keep your tree fresh, make sure to cut at least a half-inch off the bottom trunk base before putting it in water.

If the tree has been cut too short, it will have difficulty absorbing water from the container it’s in.  When trees are harvested, resin oozes out and seals the pores. By cutting off the base, you will open up the pores.

4. Buy The Right Water Holding Stand:

To help your tree stay fresh through the holiday season, be sure to choose a stand that has a sufficient reservoir. Buy a water-holding stand that fits your tree base. For every inch of the tree’s diameter, you’ll need a quart of water. 

A tree stand with a water reservoir, and the added feature of a drip system is a time saver because it automatically waters the tree. It is recommended that you water your Christmas tree regularly. 

Water your Christmas tree every 24 hours to avoid having it droop and wilt for more than two days. A tree needs as much as a gallon of water per week.

5. Store Your Christmas Tree Away From Heat and Humidity:

Christmas trees should be kept away from major heat sources and humidity to ensure that they last as long as possible. Don’t put a Christmas tree near a fireplace, heater, heat vent, or in direct sunlight. 

If you place your Christmas tree near an open window or in front of a fireplace, the heat might dry it out. Christmas trees will last longer—about twice as long, in fact—if they are kept in a cool, dry place.

The Takeaway:

Keeping your Christmas tree fresh is important if you want to keep the holiday spirit alive after the big day. And trust us, taking care of Christmas trees isn’t really difficult, you just need to be a little bit more conscientious.

Purchase the best tree you can afford. Make sure it has a fresh, pleasing scent. Cut off the bottom of the tree and store it in a water-filled container.  Drain and change the water daily. 

Do not put the tree directly into your home; let it stand outside for at least one day to acclimate. Place a small fan near the base of the tree to help circulate air. You’ll have a fresh-looking holiday tree all season long, without breaking the bank on a fake one.

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Fintan Riordan

For a quarter of a century, Fintan Riordan has been devoted to the world of forestry. It all started with a profound respect for trees, leading to a dedicated pursuit of sustainable and high-quality cultivation. Embracing organic methods, Fintan ensures the timber from his forest is of the highest standard while also championing environmental health.Being an esteemed member of the Organic Farming Association as well as the Christmas Tree Growers Association, his dedication to organic principles and leading industry standards is clear. Furthermore, he possesses a recognized qualification in Organic Farming Principles. Fintan's Christmas tree farm is a shining example of sustainable farming, offering families the joy of choosing naturally grown trees each holiday season. More than just a business, the farm is dedicated to reducing its carbon impact and fostering a greener world.For Fintan, it's about harmonizing immediate needs with future sustainability. His trees, in their majestic splendor, also represent a commitment to eco-friendly practices that uplift the community.
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