Environmental Benefits of Real Christmas Trees

The holiday season brings joy, happiness, and presents to everyone. But did you know it could also help the environment? I’m talking about Christmas trees!

Real Christmas trees are not only biodegradable but are also renewable resources, unlike most artificial trees. They have a fresh scent unlike anything you can get from a fake tree, and the needles help remove toxins from the air making indoor spaces feel fresher and cleaner.

The benefits of purchasing a real Christmas tree are fantastic. Let’s take a look at the benefits of choosing the green alternative this year.

Top Environmental Benefits of Real Christmas Trees:

Buying real Christmas Trees has been a tradition for generations. According to the sales figures from the Irish Christmas Tree Growers, this year, the sale of real trees is expected to reach 650,000 after their campaign “Love a Real Tree.” There are many reasons why the number is this big! 

Down below, we have shared the top environmental benefits of real Christmas trees:

Encourage The Production of More Trees:

The best choice for the environment is to buy a real Christmas tree instead of an artificial one. Why? Every year, millions of terrific trees are planted all over the world by local farmers who have a deep-rooted appreciation for the joys of a real Christmas Tree. 

For every 8-12 foot Christmas tree harvested, one to three seedlings are planted the following spring – meaning more and more trees are grown every year. Producing trees on tree farms assures that there will be forests for future generations to enjoy the beauty of a real Christmas tree. 

In Ireland, according to the Irish Farmer Journal, nearly 600,000 Christmas trees are grown per year, all planted by local farmers. Just imagine how many would be growing all around the world! 

Your Christmas Tree supports more than just your holiday spirit. By choosing a real tree, you’re bringing nature into your home and wildlife into the woods. 

Renewable, Biodegradable & Recyclable:

The real Christmas trees in Ireland are grown on family farms and are naturally biodegradable and recyclable. They’re 100% natural with no synthetic materials, or petroleum-based foams, making them easy to recycle through your local community recycling program.

The plastics in artificial trees are not biodegradable, and metals like lead are possible toxins. Real Christmas leaves only a small environmental footprint compared to artificial Christmas trees. After Christmas, not only can they be chipped and mulched for propagation purposes, but they can be shredded and used in the manufacture of compost – returning nutrients to the Earth.

In addition, it helps feed our planet by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere while releasing oxygen back into the air. Christmas trees can absorb up to 1 ton of carbon dioxide during their lifetime, and an acre of trees can provide oxygen for 18 people every day.

Help Preserve Green Spaces:

Real Christmas Trees are often grown on soil that does not support other crops or soil that has been stripped of its minerals by intensive farming. In some cases, the trees even expand and improve the land. 

In 2006, a Christmas tree farmer in Pennsylvania grew 1.4 million trees on 1,000 acres of land that had previously supported corn and wheat. But when the farmer planted corn and wheat on the same land, the corn turned to mush and the wheat to dust.

That is typical of the way Christmas trees differ from most other crops. Christmas trees can grow on poor, nutrient-poor soil as long as there is water and sunlight. But most crops need rich soil because they require lots of nitrogen and phosphorus.

Economically Beneficial:

The sale of real Christmas trees benefits rural families across Europe. Christmas trees are a net economic benefit. The Irish Christmas Tree Industry, worth €22million, has supported the economy and provided employment for thousands of Irish people. 

Approximately 450,000 Christmas Trees were sold across the island of Ireland this year. This accounts for about 90% of total production. A further 200,000 were exported to European markets, including Denmark, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom. According to the Christmas Trees Growers Association, the number of trees used in Ireland for Christmas has doubled since 2009.

Furthermore, Most Christmas tree growers are family businesses. Christmas tree farming supports about 100 growers in Ireland alone, working both on and off the farm. 5,000 small independent businesses do over 90% of the tree harvest. 

Appearance and Fragrance:

Another most environmental benefit of real Christmas trees is that they smell great. The smell of a real Christmas tree is unmistakable. Most artificial trees indeed smell like chemicals, but a freshly-cut Christmas tree, at least the first few days after you get it home, will make your house smell like Christmas – the air quality will be a lot fresher. 

Where Can You Get A Freshly-Cut Christmas Tree in Ireland?

If you’re planning to have a real Christmas tree up in your home this year, you might be wondering where you can get a fresh-cut Christmas tree in Ireland. Cork Christmas Tree Farm has been growing premium quality Christmas trees for years. 

Trees are collected from the field, freshly cut, and graded by expert harvesters. They also deliver. You can visit and browse through their entire plantation surrounded by gorgeous landscape and pick out your very own Christmas tree.

The Takeaway:

This Christmas, choose a real Christmas tree to bring back that natural feel into your home. Real trees are not only the most popular Christmas trees. They’re also safe for you and your family and sustainable for the environment. 

Real Christmas Trees are renewable, biodegradable, and recyclable. After the holidays, you can simply place your tree out with the yard waste for recycling or composting at your local community recycling center or composting facility—all in all, the Christmas tree benefits more than just your holiday spirit. So, go and buy one now!

Picture of Fintan Riordan

Fintan Riordan

For a quarter of a century, Fintan Riordan has been devoted to the world of forestry. It all started with a profound respect for trees, leading to a dedicated pursuit of sustainable and high-quality cultivation. Embracing organic methods, Fintan ensures the timber from his forest is of the highest standard while also championing environmental health.Being an esteemed member of the Organic Farming Association as well as the Christmas Tree Growers Association, his dedication to organic principles and leading industry standards is clear. Furthermore, he possesses a recognized qualification in Organic Farming Principles. Fintan's Christmas tree farm is a shining example of sustainable farming, offering families the joy of choosing naturally grown trees each holiday season. More than just a business, the farm is dedicated to reducing its carbon impact and fostering a greener world.For Fintan, it's about harmonizing immediate needs with future sustainability. His trees, in their majestic splendor, also represent a commitment to eco-friendly practices that uplift the community.
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