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Need logs in Cork? Cork Christmas Tree Farm supplies and sells logs from our homegrown forests. Harvested with love and care, our trees produce high quality logs that are suitable for a variety of purposes.

Wooden logs are heavily in demand in Ireland as they are used in both residential and commercial projects. They are used to make furniture, pencils, paper, and even homes. Our wooden log can also be used as fuel for cooking.

Our location is easily accessible. You can pick logs right outside Cork city. We are a professional accepting small and bulk orders in Ireland.

Seasoned & Available In All Sizes

Our logs are ready to use as they come seasoned for more than 2 years. You will get logs with all the sap dried out so you can get to work right away.

Seasoned logs are better than newly harvested or green logs as they are more durable and reliable. Our logs are thinnings from our forest that are cut using techniques that ensure they remain durable and can be used in different industries.

We use a variety of techniques to season our logs. These are kept in the open area where the sun can warm them and the wind blows evenly. Our team keeps a tight eye on logs so that we know when they’re ready to hit the market.


Our logs are sold by diameter size. You can find both big and small pieces. Check available inventory and pick what fits your requirements. 

Get in touch with us to know the location and opening hours. We’re happy to help and can answer all your questions about logs in Cork.

Logs & Firewood Sold Out

All timber products sold out for 2024. No enquiries taken for now.