Guide To Buying A Real Christmas Tree

What would Christmas be without the ideal pine tree or glamorous ornaments to give flavour? We know that a real Christmas tree creates a remarkable ambience to the home in which it is installed and that nothing compares to one. We are fortunate to produce some of the best trees in Europe here in Ireland. Irish Christmas trees are distinguished by their various physical factors, including their firm conical shape and fragrant, deep-green leaves. This enables us to have a lovely and customary Christmas centrepiece in our houses as the centre of attraction for this beautiful season. 

We have options for every household and space. We are accustomed to the beautiful scent of a real Christmas tree permeating our living room, so you must get yourself the best possible option. Finding the perfect Christmas tree can be difficult. There are several factors to consider while selecting a real Christmas tree for your home, and this article will explain everything you need to know.

Why You Need A Christmas Tree   

There are many expectations for the lovely season as family and friends unite to celebrate and get merry. The looks and attractiveness of homes matter a lot, as you would want your home to be in the best physical condition. Imagine slotting your beautiful Christmas tree into your already furnished space; the attractiveness would exponentially increase!  

It can be considered a long-lasting tradition in most homes. The wonderful scent of the trees in the corner fills the room with joy. For those that make it a yearly ritual to purchase and beautify their homes, there is always an option to suit your taste and space, as Christmas trees are always available. They are friendly with the environment and, in most cases, biodegradable. 

Essential Considerations When Buying a Christmas Tree   

You need to consider a few critical factors when purchasing your Christmas trees. These metrics intrinsically add value to your purchase.

Available space

Remember all three dimensions are essential – height, width, and depth. Before choosing a tree, ensure a good fit by determining your floor space and size. It’s a good idea to leave 6 inches (15.24 cm) to 12 inches (30.48 cm) of space between the top of your tree and the ceiling to accommodate a decorative topper. 

Means of transport

Trees are easy to carry, but getting them home can be tricky, so make sure you know how to transport them safely. If it’s going inside your car, put down the back seats before leaving to judge the available space better. And if it’s going on top of your car, check you have everything you need to secure your purchase safely to your roof. 

Home pets 

A live tree can become a toy for some pets. This could result in a tree being pulled down. Ensure to keep pets away if possible.


You must consider your finances before deciding to get a Christmas tree. There are various options with distinctive prices. Of course, it would all boil down to quality at long last; however, you can see some aesthetically pleasing options that are not so expensive. 

How To Select A Christmas Tree  

Selecting the best Christmas tree requires more than mere physical attractiveness, as there are other quality factors you should check out. For the freshest and healthiest option, you should patronise an established tree farm or lot that partners with local farms that explicitly grow their trees to retain their needles. Here are the factors essential to getting the best Christmas tree. 

  • We all know the smell of the Christmas tree is paramount and as important as its physical and attractive looks. Crush the needles in your hand and then check the scent. Some might have repulsive smells; make sure you would be comfortable with them in the long run.
  • Test the branches by grabbing branches on the tree. The plant is already past its prime if you end up with a handful of needles. If the branches are not firm, so you should search for better ones. 
  • Make sure the tree’s trunk fits your stand. Trimming the tree by cutting away the bark will strip it of its cambium, which absorbs water. This would remove the porous nature of the plant, which might not be in your best interest. 

How To Preserve Your Christmas Tree   

Here are some tips to help you get the best out of your Christmas tree. 

  • Once the tree is upright, add clean water. The amount of a tree can vary, so be careful when adding water to the stand. 
  • Use a stand that holds water and submerges the base of your tree. Refill the base with water every day. 
  • With the tree hydrated, cut off the mesh and spread out the branches. They will typically settle and open up over a couple of hours, so you should wait to start hanging lights and ornaments to beautify it.
  • Add some cut flower food or sugar; this will supplement and help preserve it. 
  • Keep it in a cold place, away from the sun’s heat and never put it near the fireplace candles. A Christmas tree is just one flame away from a huge fire when in contact with flames.


Getting the best Christmas tree is possible. There are various options for you, and we have provided you with all the necessary information. You can celebrate Christmas with family, friends, pets, and that beautiful tree at the corner of your home. You can shop for your favourite trees online from Cork Christmas Trees for enthusiasts based in Ireland. Enjoy the bliss of the season!

Picture of Fintan Riordan

Fintan Riordan

For a quarter of a century, Fintan Riordan has been devoted to the world of forestry. It all started with a profound respect for trees, leading to a dedicated pursuit of sustainable and high-quality cultivation. Embracing organic methods, Fintan ensures the timber from his forest is of the highest standard while also championing environmental health.Being an esteemed member of the Organic Farming Association as well as the Christmas Tree Growers Association, his dedication to organic principles and leading industry standards is clear. Furthermore, he possesses a recognized qualification in Organic Farming Principles. Fintan's Christmas tree farm is a shining example of sustainable farming, offering families the joy of choosing naturally grown trees each holiday season. More than just a business, the farm is dedicated to reducing its carbon impact and fostering a greener world.For Fintan, it's about harmonizing immediate needs with future sustainability. His trees, in their majestic splendor, also represent a commitment to eco-friendly practices that uplift the community.
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