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firewood for sale cork

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Ireland is a cold country, hence it doesn’t come as a surprise that the demand for firewood is pretty high in the region. We sell firewood throughout the year to ensure you have no trouble no matter how extreme the weather gets.

Our firewood is of high quality that comes from our own forest where we grow a variety of trees including Lodgepole pine and Spruce.

Our firewood is basically thinnings that can be perfect for this purpose. We season and dry it out indoors to ensure it burns for extra hours and offers you the heat that you expect.

We offer firewood in different cuts and sizes with 16 inches logs being a popular choice as it fits most fireplaces. It’s typically sold by the pallet, face-cord, bundle, or cord.

Firewood can be used for different reasons, both indoors and outdoors. It is important that you buy wood that burns for long, provides a decent amount of heat, and is easy to manage. Our experts can answer all questions you may have about firewood including how much to buy and when to buy. We understand the industry and are here to help. Talk to our experts and ask any questions you may have about our company or firewood in general. We offer seasoned wood as it is easy to burn. 

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All timber products sold out for 2024. No enquiries taken for now.