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What’s better than a gorgeous real Christmas tree? How about browsing through an entire plantation surrounded by beautiful scenery and picking out your very own. Visit our Christmas tree farm in Cork, for the very best selection of guaranteed quality, a range of sizes, and varieties and a wonderful day to remember!

Christmas Trees Cork

Dedicated to Growing & the Environment

We love nature, trees, and festivities and Cork Christmas Tree Farm allows us to bring these elements together.

Cork Christmas Trees are a family-owned business with skilled employees who share our love for nature and forestry.

We have introduced our Shropshire sheep to mow the weeds and grass around our plantations. If you are looking for the best real Christmas trees in Cork, then visit our Christmas Tree Farm for a unique experience. See our drone footage with RTE.

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Sustainability & Organic Methods

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For every tree that is harvested, we plant an extra 2 the following year providing a continuous carbon intake.

We have replaced our herbicides with lush green grass and Shropshire sheep. 

Were members of the Irish Christmas Tree Growers Association of Ireland and promote the ‘Love A Real Tree’ campaign. Buying a real Christmas tree in Cork promotes the local ecomomy and reduces import of plastic into our country.

Facts About Our Christmas Tree Farm In Cork


Absorb carbon dioxide and other gases thus emitting fresh oxygen


Provide refuge for wildlife. Over 12 different types of animals can be found on our farm including leaping salmon on our adjoining river


Our Cork Christmas trees are renewable and recycable

Support Local

Real Irish Christmas trees support the local economy

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Frequently Asked Questions

The best time to buy a Christmas tree is between 4th - 10th December. This is when sellers will have a full stock of supply. You won't need to worry about stock level as our farm has a huge supply all the way up to Christmas eve. The official day to buy a Christmas tree in Cork is the 8th of December (farmers day).

The other factor to take into consideration is your house temperature and how large the space is. Don't buy too early if your tree is going to be in a very warm room.

We grow and sell all sizes from 3ft all the way up to 30ft. When you take a trip to our farm you will get to explore all sizes from small to giant Christmas trees.


We grow and sell a wide range of species including;

  1. Noble Fir
  2. Nordmann fir
  3. Lasiocarpa
  4. Korean Fir
  5. Spruce
  6. Fraser Fir

The best way to prolong the life of your Christmas tree is by keeping it in a water stand. Make sure that the base of the trunk is submerged in the water and top up regularly. Before you bring your tree into your house, slice an inch off the truck which will help absorb water. Also ensure not to place directly near sunlight or heating source. We supply free tree food sachets on request that will help keep your tree fresh for longer.


Yes, the sugar in 7up is known to work by many sources. We also supply free tree food sachets on request.

In Ireland Christmas trees generally take 7-8 years once planted in soil. It is worth noting before planting the saplings will spend up to 4 years in a nursery, so this takes up to 12 years to grow a Christmas tree from seed. Other factors will determine the time it takes such as altitude, soil type etc.

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Cork Christmas Tree Farm is surrounded by stunning scenery in the Lee valley.

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