Noble Fir Christmas Tree

Noble Fir Christmas Tree

Colour: Bluish green

Size: 3 feet to 25 feet

Type: Non-shed

Scientific Name: Abies procera

Native To: The Pacific Northwest


Noble Fir is undoubtedly the most popular Christmas tree in Ireland. Known for being non-shed, it has a unique scent and colour that make it stand out. 

It goes up to 25 feet tall and embodies the colour and joy of Christmas like no other option. Native to the mountains in the Pacific Northwest, this beautiful tree can now be bought in Ireland and used as an ornamental piece.

Grown with care as a Christmas attraction, our Noble Fir will be loved by not just you but your guests as well.

Noble Fir Christmas Tree



Noble Fir is the perfect Christmas tree thanks to qualities like its beautiful shape, mild fragrance, and excellent symmetry. It stands out in a crowd and exhibits great needle retention. The tree is known for its durability and is available in multiple sizes – from 3 feet to 25 feet.

One of the most popular Christmas tree varieties in Ireland, the Noble Fir has a unique bluish-green colour that makes it easy to recognize. It comes with long needles that twist upward and leave the lower area of the branch exposed. 

Denser than most Christmas trees, the Noble Fir doesn’t grow very fast and has a sturdy conformation. In addition to being a Christmas tree, it is also used in the greenery industry to make garlands, door swags, and wreaths.

This Christmas tree in Ireland can help you stand out and leave an impression on your visitors. You can decorate it in a variety of ways and make it look even better.

Make sure to pick the right size and enhance the beauty of your property this Christmas season with a tree that’s meant for X-mas.