Large / Giant Christmas Tree Over 10ft

When we go out to buy a Christmas tree, we usually look for large Christmas trees that are not only tall but also dense. The larger your tree, the more impressive it looks.

At Cork Christmas Tree Farm, we have trees of all sizes – going as tall as 25 feet – for all kinds of people. We even have tall Christmas trees for commercial purposes – perfect for malls, parking lots, movie theatres, and more.

Go through our collection of big Christmas trees and pick one that fits you the best.

Large / Giant Christmas Tree Over 10ft



Buying Christmas trees is a ritual that almost all of us enjoy. A tree is to Christmas what turkey is to Thanksgiving. The holiday season isn’t complete without a large Christmas tree standing in your room.

In nature, Christmas trees can grow hundreds of feet with Noble Fir going as high as 260 feet. However, such large trees cannot be bought for obvious reasons as it can be too hard to install and take care of them.

You need to look for a tree that you can easily care for. We have trees in the range of 10 feet to 25 feet. You can pick an option according to your requirements.

Decide where you wish to keep the tree. If you are buying a tree for indoor use then pick one that fits well. If you wish to keep the tree outside then there’s no limit and you can go for the largest size – 25 feet.

Our team can help you pick the right size according to your requirements and also provide tips on how to care for a big Christmas tree. This is important because big trees usually need more care including water.